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Welcome To The New Knix Wear!

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The listening process is a project that never ends. As we’ve grown, we’ve also been observing what other brands and the media at large are doing to better serve you. While there’s a few brands doing a lot right, we don’t always love the way they talk to women. Things are feeling a little aspirational for our tastes, and even in this new era of equality, Feminism 2.0 and the re-examination of who women are and what they need, it’s frustrating to see so much frill over function. We’d bet $20 that you’ve never frozen herbs into ice cubes for easier cooking, or reorganized every room in your house in five easy steps, or whipped up a refreshing hair mask of perfectly-ripe avocado and gold flakes. We’d even go so far as to suggest that sometimes, the pressure to be that kind of person actually makes us feel a lot worse.


Knix Wear is a company that believes in knixing the bad, and making the good even better – and here on in, that’s what we want Knix Wear to represent for you. That’s why we’re thrilled to start our next big project – and bringing you a content experience that’s friendly, real, proud and empowering. Knix Wearers, meet our five Knix Pillars:


Knix Convention

You’re more than your labels – athlete, mom, daughter, boss, yogi, whatever – and we think you should embrace all your facets.


Knix Excuses

We make excuses for lots of things, but the biggest is making time for what we need. Whether that’s a healthier lifestyle, time for family and friends, or just carving out space for self-care, we want to help you tackle what’s you’ve been putting off – because a Pinterest board full of stylized quotes isn’t really working for us.


Knix Insecurity

Why is it that we can’t see ourselves the way our family, friends, or spouses see us? Truth is, we all have a lot to be proud of – so let’s talk about why we’re not talking about it, and figure out the best ways to start.


Knix Taboos

Knix Wear started as a solution to post-pregnancy bladder leakage – not the most glamourous or conversational subject, we know. But when we started asking our customers about it, we found you had a lot to say – and together we built a brand by fixing a problem we were never supposed to talk about.


Knix Boundaries

Travel is an experience that’s great for mind, body, and soul – but we often push it to the back burner. Unfortunately, that can make your world feel pretty small. Whether it’s behind your desk or at the top of a mountain, expanding your experiences and perspective is something you’ll never regret. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.


We’ve found that whether you’re a fan of ours because you’re an equestrian, yogi, or someone who plain hates bad underwear (ahem, everybody) all of you are creative, opinionated, observant and interesting – and most of all, intelligent. In the coming months, you can expect to see our blog change and grow to offer you inspiration from our ever-growing team of experts (we call them Knixperts – more on that soon).


From the early stages of Knix Wear, to pitching to Dragons’ Den and now shipping our product all around the world, the first chapter has been a wild ride. We’re building a community of smart, open, multifaceted women, and we’re beyond excited to have you along for the next leg.

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