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Pelvic Clocks and Kegals: “Two Exercises Every Women Should be Doing”

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We recently came upon an article on with the alluring title, “Two Exercises Women Should be Doing”, and we couldn’t keep it to ourselves.  1 in 3 women experience stress incontinence, or as Whoopi Goldberg aptly puts it, a “little spritz”, caused by the weakening of pelvic floor muscles due to childbirth, pregnancy, menopause and other factors. In fact, it was this very problem that inspired our founder, Joanna Griffiths, to come up with the idea for Knix Wear. She felt that it was time for an underwear upgrade. So, she set out to design knickers that stand up to the realities of being a woman and a mother. While Knix Wear knickers offer a stylish, comfortable and washable alternative to bulky disposable pads and liners, it’s important to be aware that stress incontinence can be cured and prevented with the right exercise routine. Pelvic Clocks and Kegels, according to this article, are the ticket!

Pelvic Clocks: “can improve circulation to the pelvic organs; decrease tightness, stiffness or congestion from prolonged sitting or standing; increase pelvic flexibility; improve balance and—not enough for you?—help you gain a better awareness of spinal stability.”

Kegels:  “can increase sexual arousal, improve your ability to reach orgasm, help you master control of your bladder and, says Latham, support your pelvic organs in avoiding dreaded conditions like prolapse.”

Don’t forget to wear your FitKnix while you work it! To learn more, check out the full article.

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