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Kailani King: Foods & Exercises for Quickly Losing Post-Pregnancy Pounds (Part 2)

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Now that you are armed with the top five superfoods for quick post-pregnancy weight loss, all you need is the exercise portion to make the most powerful weight-loss weapon in existence! With your diet and exercise ammunition, those excess pounds have no chance in this weight loss war! In this blog post, we are going to be discussing the most effective type of exercise that you can do to not only shed those inches but leave you with an abundance of energy that you can devote to your child! It’s a win-win situation here!

Today’s post: how to burn

It is very common for women to think that focusing on cardio and aerobic-based exercise will result in the most fat loss. So many of my female clients run extremely long distances every day but are not seeing the fat loss results that they expected. This is because the secret to speedy fat loss is not cardio but rather high intensity interval training! This means short bursts of intense exercise with periods of recovery in between. This method of exercise is so effective because it takes the body out of the energy-efficient “cruise control” that we see in steady cardio based exercise and into energy burning acceleration. The result is an increased metabolism and fat burning ability on a long-term basis. In order to keep the body from going into “cruise control” (this happens when the body adapts to a specific type of exercise), it is important to keep the body guessing by mixing and matching short, medium and long intervals of exercise within your workout. Here is an example of something that you could do at least once a week to increase fat metabolism and shed those extra pounds. Don’t forget to wear your FitKnix!

Quick Fat-Burning Interval workout:

Note: warm up and cool down with five to ten minutes of slow jogging or fast walking. Stretch after the workout. Treadmill or flat track/road

  • Warm up
  • Speed up to a hard but sustainable effort (so you are huffing and puffing) for 
15 to 20 seconds.
  • Jog or walk to recover for 60 seconds.
  • Repeat 6 to 8 times (6 intervals) 
Over the next few months, try to build up to
  • 30 seconds of hard running with 60 seconds jogging or fast walking
  • Add an incline (on the treadmill or find a near by hill)
  • 12 intervals

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