Fitknix 2015 Challenge: Week One

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Happy Friday Everyone!
My first week of the FitKnix 2015 Challenge is officially complete. Being the first full week back to work after the holidays I decided to explore the world of Barreworks and ‘ease’ myself back into my exercise routine… or at least that’s what I thought.
Barreworks offers a series of classes that are designed with ballet routines in mind. They have made it possible for the average person (like myself) to train in the same way as dancers. Other than partaking in the sporadic jazz dance classes back in my youth I have never been a dancer, but I quickly realized you don’t have to be. Barreworks is designed for everyone.
I tackled two classes this week: AAA and DripBarre. Both with a different focus and both a fabulous workout. My favourite part of these classes was the simplicity. All you need to bring is yourself. Every routine is centred around the ballet barre, 2 weighted balls, a resistance band, and a mat (all provided). The intimacy is another bonus. Unlike some large gyms that offer classes, Barreworks can hold a limited number of participants, allowing one on one attention during class to ensure your form is perfect and to help prevent injury.
This class was centred around strength training. While all the movements and training segments were absolutely do-able…am I ever feeling it! I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this class, but I will absolutely be back. The whole time I could feel my muscles tightening which made me feel as though it was all worth it. The hour was spent engaging in a majority of stationary movements working the various muscles throughout my body. It was intense, it was hard, but it was an hour at the ‘gym’ well spent!
The perfect balance between cardio and strength training. If you are looking for a class to ease yourself back into your exercise routine, I would highly recommend DripBarre. DripBarre mixes in sequences of cardio with some minor strength training as well. The sequences are a bit more choreographed than those in the AAA class, but by no means is it a dance class. You will notice your heart rate slowly increasing and by the end of the class, you will feel the burn. A great weeknight class!
Key Notes: 
*Exceptionally friendly and encouraging staff. At the beginning of my DripBarre class the instructor came over and personally introduced herself. By the end of the hour she knew the entire class by name.
*Women of all ages and fitness abilities were present. It doesn’t matter your age, size, or current ability, there will be a Barreworks class that will work for you and all sequences can be modified to meet your fitness ability.
My overall experience at Barreworks was excellent. From the simplicity of booking online, the clean change rooms, to the classes and instructors themselves it was a fabulous experience. Thank you so much for having me Barreworks!
How was your first week of the #fitknix2015 challenge? What type of class did you attend?
Thanks for following everyone and goodluck with week two!
 – Jillian

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