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Declutter Your Underwear Drawer in 30 Minutes Or Less

Posted by Joanna Griffiths on

Stick with us and you’ll have a time-saving, organized & stress-free place for your skivvies in less time than a re-run of Friends.


At Knix HQ, we spend a lot of time thinking about what’s not working, so we can help make room for what does. This philosophy fits pretty neatly into the concept of the underwear drawer. Why is it that space initially designated to be 100% ours, a place for our stuff that we don’t have to share, and the first drawer we open every day, can turn into a cluttered timesuck of rooting and rummaging?


So let’s stop delaying our mornings by using our underwear drawers as graveyards for thongs we once wore, bras that turned out to be super itchy but never made it back to the store, and holey pairs of underwear we’re keeping – wait, why are we keeping those? Because the washing machine might break? Please. You won’t miss them, and you’ll spend less time and energy choosing from a drawer full of knickers that make you feel happy, sexy and comfortable.




  1. Take everything out

To take a full inventory, you have to take everything out – especially if you have deep drawers, there’s probably stuff in there you haven’t seen in a while. Take it all out, toss it on your bed, and start sorting: socks, bras, underwear. You don’t need to get rid of anything quite yet – just get everything into manageable categories. Chances are you’ll be looking at bigger piles than you expected. Wipe your drawer out while it’s empty.


  1. Be merciless

The main event: time to purge! Men aren’t the only ones who can be accused of hanging onto their trunks until there’s holes in the elastic band – women can be just as bad. You might not have noticed half the holes in some of your skivvies, but they’re probably there. Same goes for stretched waistbands, stains, runs, dingy whites, bad fit, and pieces you’ve had since college. Out it goes – trust us, you won’t miss them.


  1. Count backwards from 5

A good rule of thumb when decluttering most things is to spend five seconds or less making the decision to toss or keep any specific item. If, after that time, you’re debating the pros and cons of something, toss it – you’re probably keeping it out of guilt or obligation, and not because you really want it.


  1. Organize, organize, organize.

Locating whatever specific thong, seamless or athletic undies you need each day adds a small, but significant, delay to each morning. That means when it’s time to organize, it’s best to do so by function. Put all your seamless or thong underwear in one group, your regular underwear in another, athletics in a third, and special occasion stuff in less-than-prime real estate towards the back. Same goes for bras and socks. Now you’ll be able to get in and out of there in a snap.


  1. Spruce Things Up 

This step is totally skippable, but it’s also the fun part, so we’d advise you do it. Now that you’re actually thinking about your underwear drawer, why not give it some TLC? Some people think containers and separators are a waste, but if they keep your drawer so that you don’t have to go back and re-organize for another few years, then why not use them? Any container or large hardware store will have them – some people even custom-fit their own cardboard dividers.


Bonus points for adding a bit of fragrance. Sachets, potpourri, dryer sheets or bars of soap all accomplish this without creating a stink bomb every time you crack a drawer. Tuck this in the back and damn – you’re done!


  1. Snap a photo

You did it! Not only did you conquer this project in less time than it takes for your Chinese food to show up, but your drawer now looks and smells awesome. This is a good reason on it’s own, but keeping a photo will also make you realize faster if your drawer starts getting cluttered once more. If you post it, don’t forget to tag us @knixwear – we’d love to see the results!

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